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Ginpo Co., Ltd., Japan's top brand of earthen pot

Ginpo, which is loved for the long-lasting designs and outstanding durability of its products for professional and household use, has been engaged in manufacturing with an integrated production system, from purchasing raw materials to kiln firing , since its foundation.

Company nameGinpo Co., Ltd.
Address13-25 Mitsuya-cho Yokkaichi City Mie Prefecture, 510-0802
Production capacityOne million earthen pots annually
Industrial total floor areaApprox. 1,500 tsubo(4,950m²)
No. of employees30
President and CEOTetsuya Kumamoto
Ginpo Co., Ltd.

Inspection and quality control

After strict inspections by specialized agencies and in-house inspectors, we obtained our ISO 9001 certification in 2000. (The certification authority was DQS Japan Inc.)
By strengthening our quality control system, we strive to manufacture products that consumers can use with security.

  • ISO 9001 certification
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • ISO 9001 certification
In-house inspection for heat-transmission expansion

In-house inspection for heat-transmission expansion

In-house water leakage test

In-house water leakage test


Founder Sutematsu Kumamoto began making pottery in a wooden factory in Mitsuya (present Mitsuya-cho, Yokkaichi City)

1932Started out as a pottery manufacturer under the name of Banko Shinko Yogyosho.
1942Renamed Banko Shinko Yogyosho Limited.
1960Renamed Ginpo Toki Limited.
1964Reorganized and renamed Ginpo Co., Ltd. Since then, the company has been upgrading and creating new systems in pursuit of research and development to improve the quality of its products and a steady supply of products.
2000We received and have maintained our ISO9001, International Standard for Quality Management System, certification to the present day.
Manufacturing Process