Minimal design to convey the founder’s original achievement

GINPO’s oldest “Donabe”casserole pots are found in this Sumikannyu series. This model, which was release in 1943, was designed based on the founder’s innovation, and is still loved by legions of fans.

Success in mass production based on a decorative technique called “Kannyu,” involving making intentional fine cracks on the surface layer of the glaze, which had only been used in ceramic works, was one of the founder’s great achievements.

To make use of its decorative style, this model has recently been popular as a vessel for cold salad, soup and desert. The excellent characteristics of the soil within the pots, helps to maintain the temperature, and allows a myriad of ways of using this model.


There are also small items with simple designs, which will never cease to fascinate users.



No. 5.5

No. 6

No. 7

No. 8

No. 9

No. 10

No. 11

φ 17cm × H 9cm/0.4ℓ

φ 18.5cm × H 10cm/0.6ℓ

φ 22cm × H 12cm/1ℓ

φ 23.5cm × H 13.5cm/1.5ℓ

φ 28cm × H 15cm/2.2ℓ

φ 31cm × H 16cm/2.9ℓ

φ 34cm × H 18cm/3.6ℓ

Usable Gas, Microwave, Oven, Radient

Application of the Food Sanitation Act


  • Sumikannyu No. 5.5 0.4ℓ
  • Sumikannyu No. 6 0.6ℓ
  • Sumikannyu No. 7 1ℓ
  • Sumikannyu No. 8 1.5ℓ
  • Sumikannyu No. 9 2.2ℓ
  • Sumikannyu No. 10 2.9ℓ
  • Sumikannyu No. 11 3.6ℓ
  • Sumikannyu Tonsui φ 12.5cm × H 5.5cm
  • Sumikannyu Broth vessel φ 12cm × H 19cm/0.9ℓ
  • Sumikannyu Food particles pot φ 14cm × H 12.5cm​
  • Sumikannyu Small china spoon set H 15cm
  • Sumikannyu Large china spoon set H 21cm