"Donabe" casserole pot for professional users featuring an elegant small chrysanthemum pattern

The Kyomishima series was created for professional use, following the design of the Hanamishima. The finely crafted and orderly arranged small chrysanthemums gracefully accent a dining table with their delicate and elegant design.

This model features not only a design suited for the dining table when serving a hot pot or an udon noodle dish, but also a compact structure that fits well in a kitchen space with an easily storable shape, due to the ability to its parts.

Every part of this pot was meticulously crafted, calculating the balance between the opening and the volume of the pot, to make it easier for professional cooks to handle, from cooking to arrangement and storage.


GINPO’s “Donabe”casserole pot can be placed over heat when it is still wet after being washed. This is a feature that can meet the demand of busy cooks who have no time to slowly dry pots after washing them.



No. 5.5

No. 6

No. 7

No. 8

No. 9

No. 10

φ 17cm × H 9cm/0.45ℓ

φ 18.5cm × H 10cm/0.5ℓ

φ 21cm × H 11cm/0.8ℓ

φ 24.5cm × H 14cm/1.3ℓ

φ 27cm × H 15cm/2ℓ

φ 30.5cm × H 16cm/2.8ℓ

Usable Gas, Microwave, Oven, Radient

Application of the Food Sanitation Act


  • Kyomishima No. 5.5 0.45ℓ
  • Kyomishima No. 6 0.5ℓ
  • Kyomishima No. 7 0.8ℓ
  • Kyomishima No. 8 1.3ℓ
  • Kyomishima No. 9 2ℓ
  • Kyomishima No. 10 2.8ℓ