A next-generation “Donabe”casserole pot model that gorgeously
graces the dining table

The Kikka is a next-generation“Donabe”casserole pot that matches modern people’s lifestyles. As it does not require a surface coating before use, which takes considerable time and labor, this product can be used immediately after purchase.

Retaining its heat storage property, one of the merits of “Donabe”casserole pots, the Kikka was successfully made 15% lighter than the conventional Hanamishima model. Thanks to the easier handling of this pot, you can enjoy freshly cooked hot meals on the table.

Its original glaze is designed to prevent problems such as odors and stains, as part of its black body. With this product, you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes, from hot-pots to soup curry and cheese fondue.


To complement a beautiful dining table, seven colors, associated with traditional Japanese hues, are used in the color development of the lid. This is a next-generation “Donabe”casserole pot that matches diverse modern interiors.



No. 6

No. 7

No. 8

No. 9

No. 9 IH

Soup pot

φ 18.5cm × H 10cm/0.85ℓ

φ 22cm × H 12.5cm/1.1ℓ

φ 24cm × H 13.5cm/1.9ℓ

φ 28.5cm × H 15.5cm/2.7ℓ

φ 28.5cm × H 15.5cm/2.4ℓ

φ 29cm × H 30cm/8ℓ

Color Lapis lazuli blue・Oribe green・Amber・Clay white

Gas, Microwave, Oven, Radient

※Bowl can be only used in microwave


Application of the Food Sanitation Act


  • Kikka No. 6 ​0.85ℓ
  • Kikka No. 7 1.1ℓ
  • Kikka No. 8 1.9ℓ
  • Kikka No. 9 ​2.7ℓ
  • Kikka No. 9 IH 2.4ℓ
  • Kikka Soup pot 8ℓ
  • Kikka φ 13cm × H 5.3cm
  • Kikka H 15cm