Kikka for Cooking Rice

A handy “Donabe” pot that can cook rice in 30 minutes, requiring no controlling of the flame.

With the Kikka for cooking rice pot, anyone can cook delicious rice in just 30 minutes. Since water level scales are inscribed inside the pot, this pot can save you the trouble of measuring water with a measuring cup.

With no worry of the pot boiling over due to its two-layer lid structure, and with its simple step of “stopping the heat when steam becomes visible,” anyone can easily enjoy freshly cooked delicious rice.

With its daily-use design for all generations, and its size that fits in a household microwave oven, the pot can be reheated and set as it is on the table.


Kikka for cooking rice pot that is especially suitable for cooking stews and boiled foods in addition to boiled rice and takikomi gohan (a Japanese rice dish seasoned with broth and soy sauce). When you are cooking dishes such as oden (a Japanese hot-pot dish) or cream stew, the ingredients do not disintegrate easily, and provide a fuller taste with the broth soaking deeply into them.



2 Cups

3 Cups

5 Cups

F 19.5cm × H 15cm/1.2ℓ

F 22.5cm × H 16cm/1.8ℓ

F 25.5cm × H 18cm/2.6ℓ

Color Oribe green・Lapis lazuli blue・Clay white
Usable Gas, Microwave, Oven, Radient

Application of the Food Sanitation Act

Chef’s Voice


Kikka pots can easily cook rice that comes out full of flavor and is delicious.

It goes without saying that rice is best when freshly steamed, and Kikka makes it so easy to cook it perfectly-in fact, it’s nearly foolproof. In my restaurants we use these pots not only for white rice but for mixed rice dishes and rice served with toppings, all of which we can deliver right to the table, piping hot. Our customers love it.

Hidemasa Yamamoto

Hidemasa Yamamoto apprenticed under the renowned Roger Verge. At the age 28 he has had the honor of serving three generations of American presidents. He has served at the inauguration ceremony of the 40th president of the United States, Ronald Reagan and at the inaugurals of president Bush and president Clinton. Later he become the Chief Executive chef of The Ritz Carlton in Washington D.C and then the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo. He is currently supervising and consulting in restaurant all over the world.



  • Kikka for Cooking Rice No. 2 1.2ℓ
  • Kikka for Cooking Rice No. 3 1.8ℓ
  • Kikka for Cooking Rice No. 5 2.6ℓ
  • Kikka Plate φ 13cm × H 5.3cm
  • Kikka Spoon H 15cm