Immortal masterpieces that have been loved since 1972

The Hanamishima series, which comprises typical Japanese e“Donabe”casserole pot models featuring cool black and white gradations with large floral patterns, has been a long-selling series since the 1970s.

Starting to be used by professional cooks, this series has been continually loved by a wide range of customers both in Japan and overseas. It features a functionality and durability that can be perfectly retained after continuous use for over 20 years in a traditional Japanese restaurant or any other restaurant.

All of its painting is applied by hand. The hand-painting artisans use their own handmade paint brushes. These models are masterpieces, having been selected by users for over half a century.


Depending on the intended use, you can collect matching small items for your “Donabe” casserole pot.



No. 5

No. 5.5

No. 6

No. 7

No. 8

No. 9

No. 10

Rice portage casserole pot

"Toban" for roast cooking No. 6

"Toban" for roast cooking No. 8

φ 15cm × H 9cm/0.45ℓ

φ 17cm × H 10cm/0.7ℓ

φ 19cm × H 11cm/0.9ℓ

φ 22cm × H 12.5cm/1.5ℓ

φ 25cm × H 14cm/2.2ℓ

φ 28cm × H 16cm/3.2ℓ

φ 31cm × H 17cm/4ℓ

φ 17cm × H 12cm/0.95ℓ

φ 19cm × H 8cm

φ 25cm × H 10cm


Gas, Microwave, Oven, Radient

* Products other than“Donabe”casserole pots can only be used in microwave


Application of the Food Sanitation Act


  • Hanamishima No. 5 0.45ℓ
  • Hanamishima No. 5.5 ​0.7ℓ
  • Hanamishima No. 6 0.9ℓ
  • Hanamishima No. 7 ​​1.5ℓ
  • Hanamishima No. 8 2.2ℓ
  • Hanamishima No. 9 3.2ℓ
  • Hanamishima No. 10 4ℓ
  • Hanamishima Rice portage casserole pot ​0.95ℓ
  • Hanamishima ih No. 7 ​1.3ℓ
  • Hanamishima ih No. 8 2.2ℓ
  • Hanamishima ih No. 9 ​3.3ℓ
  • Hanamishima ih No. 10 4ℓ
  • Hanamishima "Toban" for roast cooking No. 6 φ 25cm × H 10cm
  • Hanamishima "Toban" for roast cooking No. 8 φ 29cm × H 8cm
  • Hanamishima Large plate No. 10 φ 31cm
  • Hanamishima Two kind of spice dish L 18cm × W 9.5cm × H 2.5cm
  • Hanamishima φ 11cm × H 5cm​
  • Hanamishima φ 12cm × H 5cm
  • Hanamishima L 15cm
  • Hanamishima Small china spoon set L 21cm
  • Hanamishima Broth vessel φ 10cm × H 16cm/​​0.5ℓ
  • Hanamishima Broth vessel φ 12cm × H 19cm/​0.9ℓ
  • Hanamishima Food particles pot φ 10cm × H 10cm​
  • Hanamishima φ 12cm × H 13cm