A multi-functional ceramic pot in which ingredients can be cooked in anyway desired.

The multi-functional ceramic pot the COTTO was manufactured for a wide variety of cooking styles. With this pot, which can be used for all types of heating cookery including simmering, boiling, steaming, stir-frying, and roasting, you can expand your cooking repertoire.

By using the steamer (a plate for steaming), an accessory of the ceramic pots-style body called the “DONABE,” you can enjoy casually cooking steamed dishes, such as niku-man (steamed buns with meat filling), and shao mai (steamed meat dumplings).

Also, by using the body, called the “TOBAN,” as a frying pan, you can grill or stir-fry foods, and serve dishes in the pot on the table immediately after cooking.


Since this product has a stacking structure whereby the DONABE and the TOBAN perfectly stack together, it can help save kitchen space. Both the DONABE and the TOBAN are compact enough to fit into an oven toaster.





φ 19cm × H 12cm/1.2ℓ

φ 19cm × H 9cm

Color Lapis lazuli blue
Usable Gas, Microwave, Oven, Radient

Application of the Food Sanitation Act


  • COTTO Donabe + Steamer 1.2ℓ
  • COTTO Toban φ 19cm × H 9cm