A limited revival model of the “Hanamishima” pot, a long-selling product that embodies the feelings and style of the Showa Era

The Classic MISHIMA is a limited revival model of the first-generation Hanamishima model from the “Showa forties” (1965 to 1974). With its fine chrysanthemum pattern and reddish-brown color, this product expresses the wabi-sabi (quiet simplicity and subdued refinement in Japanese aesthetic sense) of Japanese ceramics.

Although this model was considered heterodox with its color deemed too deep and its patterns deemed too many for one pot in the founder’s era, with the second president’s effort to soften the color shades and arrange large patterns in a line, a long-selling product down to the present day was established.

Precisely reproducing the style of the first-generation model, the Classic MISHIMA features functionality meeting the needs of modern lifestyles. The body has a shallow shape suitable for cooking hot pot dishes. This model also has a steaming plate as an accessory, allowing users to enjoy steamed dishes.


The Classic MISHIMA is equipped with a dedicated steaming plate as an accessory. Vegetables, frozen niku-man (steamed buns with meat filling), and shao mai (steamed meat dumplings) can be finished with a fluffy and moist texture by being steamed in an “Donabe”casserole pot.



No. 8

F 25.5cm × H 14cm/1.7ℓ

Usable Gas, Microwave, Oven, Radient

Application of the Food Sanitation Act


  • Classic MISHIMA 1.7ℓ