Classic MISHIMA for Cooking Rice

A “Donabe”pot designed for boiling rice, which was inspired by the first-generation Hanamishima

The Classic MISHIMA is a limited revival model of the first-generation Hanamishima model from the “Showa forties” (1965 to 1974). With its fine chrysanthemum pattern and reddish-brown color, this product expresses the wabi-sabi (quiet simplicity and subdued refinement in Japanese aesthetic sense) of Japanese ceramics.

Although this model was considered heterodox with its color deemed too deep and its patterns deemed too many for one pot in the founder’s era, with the second president’s effort to soften the color shades and arrange large patterns in a line, a long-selling product down to the present day was established.

This type of rice-cooking “donabe” pot has the same structure as the Kikka for cooking rice pot, in which rice can be cooked by simply stopping the heat when the rice is boiled. With its excellent heat retaining property, you can enjoy freshly cooked rice using this pot as an ohitsu wooden container for cooked rice.


This model has a two-layer lid structure designed to control water inside from boiling over, and to steam rice at higher temperatures. Also, being compact enough to fit into a household-use microwave oven, this product can be used to reheat cooked rice. (When heating in a microwave oven, please remove the outer lid and use the inner lid.)



F 22cm × H 16cm/1.7ℓ

Usable Gas, Microwave, Oven, Radient

Application of the Food Sanitation Act


  • Classic MISHIMA for Cooking Rice 1.7ℓ