For delicious daily meals and a beautiful dining table, this ceramic pot series can upgrade your daily life.

This is the world’s first waterless cooking ceramic pot series, polishing process under the concept of “daily use.” By using a diamond cutter for the polishing process, there is high airtightness between the body and the lid.

GINPO pursued a higher degree of heat storage than that of enameled cast iron cooking pots, allowing our customers to enjoy delicious hot dishes in pots of this series on the table. We also adhered to an approximately 30% lighter design than that of a conventional enameled cast iron cooking pot.

With the BLISSIO series, you can enjoy a wide variety of cookery, using a gas cooker, a gas oven, or a microwave oven. In particular, this series is suitable for cooking stews and boiled dishes and can support a richer diet by bringing out the rich taste and nutrition of the ingredients.


The BLISSIO series has four traditional Japanese colors, lapis lazuli, amber, the dark green of Oribe ware, and black. This series imparts a refined, sophisticated charm.








F 12cm × H 9cm/0.4ℓ

F 15cm × H 10cm/0.7ℓ

F 21cm × H 13.5cm/2ℓ

F 24cm × H 14.5cm/3ℓ

F 24cm × H 21.5cm/5ℓ

Color Lapis lazuli blue・Oribe green・Amber・Black

Gas, Microwave, Oven, Radient

* Bowl and Plate can be used in microwave


Application of the Food Sanitation Act

Chef’s Voice


They can help to keep the rich taste of the ingredients from being lost by sealing them in the pot and in your food.

The pots seal tightly to allow what’s inside to remain whole and flavorful. That was my impression upon using a pot of the BLISSIO for the first time. Despite being a ceramic pot, a BLISSIO pot has good thermal conductivity. This seems to be the key to preventing ingredients from losing their taste. I also love the BLISSIO’s modern, stylish design. Even when I serve my dish in the pot to guests after cooking, it looks so good. I have been so inspired by this pot and have come up with many menu items based on this pot. That’s why it is such a fun cooking tool.

Shusuke Mizuguchi

Shusuke Mizuguchi studied under Hiromi Yamada at “RISTORANTE HIRO” in Minami Aoyama in Tokyo. Currently, he plays an active role in various fields, such as making TV appearances, giving lectures, and teaching in cooking school. Also he is an owner /chef of two Italian restaurants: “Settanta” in Izumi, Nagoya, and “ecco Produzione di shu” in Shikemichi, Nagoya.



  • BLISSIO Casserole mini ​0.4ℓ
  • BLISSIO Casserole 15 ​0.7ℓ
  • BLISSIO Casserole 21 2ℓ
  • BLISSIO Casserole 24 ​3ℓ
  • BLISSIO Pot 5ℓ
  • BLISSIO Bowl φ 15cm × H 6cm
  • BLISSIO Plate φ 22cm × H 4cm