Attention Attention

Please read the following before using pot.

How to Avoid problems

  • Can not be used for deep-fried cooking, can cause fires if used.
  • Always use a pot coaster before placing on a table

How to avoid burns

  • When cooking, use oven mittens to move the pot. Also be careful of steam escaping from the hole in the lid as to not scald yourself.
  • Please be careful about using an electromagnetic cooking device used with the pot, because the top plate of the device becomes extremely hot during use.
  • Hot water may splash out during boiling. Be careful not to scald yourself.

How to avoid damages

  • Please avoid heating an empty earthen pot.
  • When using an electric coiled cooking surface, please ensure a gap of more than 1 cm between the coils and the earthen pot.
  • If you remove an earthen pot from the freezer, thaw it before cooking.

How to avoid the earthen pot from becoming moldy or having odors.

  • For the first 5 uses, please avoid leaving food and ingredients inside the pot after cooking.
  • After each use, please dry well and keep the earthen pot in a dry space to prevent mold or mildew.
  • Avoid soaking the earthen pot in detergent water. Wash and rinse only.
  • Please also avoid using curry, kimuchi of similar seasoned foods for the first 5 times of use.(This will help to prevent discoloration and odors from lingering in the future.)

How to prevent the food inside from being scorched

  • Please be careful when using high heat, stir the food being cooked occasionally to prevent scorching the inside of the pot.Since an earthen pot has water absorbency, a burn mark may be left on the surface due to food ingredients being burned black and sticking to the bottom of the pot.
  • Since an earthen pot has water absorbency, a burn mark may be left on the surface due to food ingredients being burned black and sticking to the bottom of the pot.

Before Using Before Using

20. One of the earthen pot’s characteristics is water absorbency. Water absorbency can cause stains, odor, or mold. Please be sure to complete the treatment below before using an earthen pot for the first time. *Kikka, Kikka for cooking rice, BLISSIO and COTTO do not need this processing.

  1. Fill the earthen pot with clean water (about 80% fill), and bring the water to boil.
  2. When the water is boiling, lower the heat. put wheat flour mixed with water into the pot and, mix it well.
  3. Simmer over a low heat for about five minutes, turn off the heat, and leave the pot as it is until is has cooled down.
  4. Wash and clean the pot, then dry it before use.
Size of pot Amount of flour
#6 0.5 tablespoons
#7 1 tablespoon
#8 2 tablespoons
#9 3 tablespoons
#10 4 tablespoons
#11 5 tablespoons
    It is impossible to completely prevent problems related to earthen pots with this treatment alone. Please also read the "Important Notes" above.

How to use a IH-compatible earthen pot

  • Although drops of water may be noticed on the top plate of an electromagnetic cooking device, this is not due to abnormal functioning of the pot. This phenomenon will be improved by completing the "Preparations before using an earthen pot" or with use.
  • Although resonance sounds, such as hissing or buzzing, may occur during cooking, this is not due to abnormal functioning of the pot. The sounds may be changed by shifting the position of the pot, or by repositioning the pot.

About the heating plate

Be sure to set the heating plate in its proper position when cooking with an IH heater. When cooking over an open fire or with a radiant heater, the earthen pot can be used with or without the heating plate. Do not use the earthen pot for cooking without water, such as fried dishes.

  • How to set the heating plate
    With the “Ginpo” mark facing top, fit the tabs indicated with ② and ③ into the grooves at the bottom of the earthen pot. Then set the heating plate by pressing the plate downward while pulling the tab indicated with ① toward the inside. (Please set the heating plate firmly. If the plate does not closely fit the bottom of the pot, the pot will not react with IH.)
  • How to take off the heating plate
    Pull up on the tab ①, slightly upward first then toward the outer side of the pot. (If the tab ① is pulled too strongly, the plate may become deformed.)
  • Fine adjustment of the body of the earthen pot and the plate

When the tab ① is pulled toward the inside, the plate fits loosely, and when it is pushed outward, the plate will fit tightly. As a rough indication, if the plate does not come off when the pot is turned over, it is OK.

  • How to take care of the heating plate
    After cooking, wash the earthen pot after taking off the heating plate.
    When a stain is left on the plate surface, remove the stain with a detergent, etc.
    As for the earthen pot, please dry it well enough for storage.


  • The tabs of the heating plate are for easily setting and taking off the plate to the pot. Please be careful with the tabs when handing the plate.
  • The heating plate may become rainbow colored. This is not physically harmful.
  • The heating plate is an expendable. If the plate is deformed or damaged, please replace it with a new one.
  • Please be careful not to cut your hand when handling the heating plate, especially when setting, taking off, or washing the plate.