About how to use

Please refrain from using the pot for deep-frying foods, because such use may damage the pot, which in turn may lead to a serious accident.

Please use your pot mat to prevent the pot from leaving scorch marks on your precious dining table.

The pot is made entirely of ceramic. Therefore you should use mittens or the like when touching a heated “Donabe”casserole pot, and be careful of the steam emitted from the lid hole.

Of course, the pot can be used for cooking gratin and other similar dishes. If you use this pot with a gas oven, remove the lid before use. If you use this pot with a microwave oven, you can keep the lid on. Although the pot can be used for stir-frying, it may cause stains or scorch marks because the “Donabe”casserole pot features water absorbency, so be aware of such problems when cooking.

Yes, you can. However, when in use, the pot should be kept at least 1 cm away from the heater part.

Yes, you can. However, if you put the pot in the freezer, you should thaw the food before heating it.

When a “Donabe”casserole pot absorbs liquid such as broth, a condensed form of the liquid may ooze out of the outer surface. It is not some kind of harmful substance dissolved from the pot but should not be eaten.

No, it is not a problem. This phenomenon, which does not occur if the surface is coated before use, will gradually disappear with frequent or long-time use of the pot.

This is not abnormal. The sound may stop if you change the position of the pot or remove it and place it on your cooker again.

The user’s manual for the pot mentions similar problems. Please refer to it. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Our “Donabe”casserole pots for direct heating have different shapes from our IH-compatible “Donabe” pots. The inside bottom of our IH-compatible pot features a hollow designed for an electromagnetic induction exothermic plate to be inlaid into it, while the outer bottom mostly has a flat surface. Even if you put the plate in your earthenware pot for direct heating, it cannot be used with IH equipment, because the plate cannot be fitted in the pot.

Please be very careful to avoid burn injuries, because the foam from boiling food inside the pot may splash. Also, make sure to carefully handle the plate, because it becomes extremely hot after use.

The black, round lid is the inner lid. To cook rice, fit this inner lid between the pot and the outer lid. For reheating in a microwave oven, remove the outer lid, and reheat the rice without removing the black inner lid.

Please reheat it at a low heat. When steam starts to come out of the pot, remove the lid by turning it. You can also reheat it in a microwave oven.

About Care

Since there are various types of dishwashers, the “Donabe”casserole pot should not be washed in a dishwasher. This has nothing to do with the strength of the pot, but rather, since a ”Donabe” pot cannot be fully dried with a dishwasher, this may lead to problems such as odor or mold.

Yes, you can wash the pot with dishwashing detergent, but please avoid soak washing the “Donabe”casserole pot because of its water absorbency. You can also use a scrubber. However, since a metal scrubber may leave marks, do not apply excessive strength when scrubbing it. After washing the pot, dry it completely before storing it.

Unlike a metal pot, a “Donabe”casserole pot features water absorbency. Especially when it is first used, the pot tends to absorb water easily, which may cause stains. These kinds of problems can be reduced by surface coating before use to some extent, but not entirely. Moreover, since no surface treatment is applied to the pot, such as fluorine processing, food may become scorched and stuck to the bottom depending on use. Scorched food on the surface can be cleaned by maceration with hot water, and scrubbed with a hard kitchen sponge, using baking soda (or a cleanser). If scorch marks are left entirely on the inner surface of the pot, we regret that these marks cannot be removed. However, please be assured that this does not present a problem in terms of using the pot.

Since an “Donabe”casserole pot is water absorbent, it seems that the smell has been absorbed from the pot’s surface. Pour some water into the pot and boil it. Add a small amount of vinegar to the pot and simmer it. After leaving the water until it becomes cool, wash it away and dry the pot well. Depending on the smell, it may be good to repeat this process at least twice. Please note that adding too much vinegar or leaving the vinegar-water in the pot for a long time, may cause the smell of vinegar to transfer to the pot.

Be careful about mold, odor, and scorched food problems while using the pot.
To prevent mold, please follow the three points below:
After use, store the pot after drying it well.
Avoid soaking the pot.
Until the pot has been used about five times, avoid leaving ingredients in the “Donabe”casserole pot as they are, or cooking heavily seasoned foods.
Also, regarding the scorched food problem, pay attention to the heating power and mix ingredients while cooking.

About Products & Purchase

Our raw materials and production method differ from those of other “Donabe” pots. To maintain our product quality, we purchase carefully selected raw materials, make in-house efforts to produce original clay and form glaze, and proceed to pot-making through our established fully integrated production system from making clay to firing. GINPO is the only ISO 9001 certified “Donabe”casserole pot manufacturer in Japan. In particular, the greatest difference between our products and others is the quality of our heat-resistant raw material, petalite. While other manufacturers generally use a grade of petalite called “standard petalite,” GINPO uses a high-quality petalite called “low-alkali petalite.” This quality has been realized through our request to a petalite mine for special ore dressing. GINPO is the only company that uses low-alkali petalite for “Donabe” pots. This petalite accounts for more than 50% of the petalite content of GINPO’s pots. (The greater the amount of petalite used as its raw material, the more the product’s heat-resistance is enhanced.)

We use raw materials from Aichi, Gifu, Shiga and Okayama Prefectures.
We also order a heat-resistant raw material from South Africa. We manufacture our products from the stage of mixing all the raw materials to ensure in-house production of the clay. We use no harmful substances, such as lead or cadmium.

When you buy a“Donabe”casserole pot, please check if it has a gold sticker indicating “Ginpo三島” (Ginpo Mishima) attached to it. We regret that we cannot provide information on all the dealers of our products, because our company only ships our products to trading companies in our local city of Yokkaichi. If you inform us of your local area, we will check the information of our dealers in your area.

Our company does not have a store with Amazon, and we do not direct offer any of our products through Amazon online services. For problems regarding products purchased from Amazon online stores, please consult Amazon Customer Service.