Fine human senses are indispensable for all processes.
GINPO’s product quality is supported by craftsmen with excellent skills.

Product quality has been the No.1 objective that GINPO has valued more than anything else since its founding. Based on the tradition and techniques inherited from its forebears, GINPO has improved its product quality while meeting the needs of the times. Under the principle of “Wishing to create happy family meal times by making high-quality ceramic pots, and proposing healthy diets,” we developed our original clay and glaze through our down-to-earth research. We engage in the manufacture of excellent products through integrated production in Japan.

Material Material

Our work begins with making the best clay and glaze most suited for creating ceramic pots. The raw materials for making pots are selected from around the world. In pursuit of an extremely high-grade petalite, which influences the heat-resistance of products, we import petalite from a mine in Zimbabwe, to which we make a request for special ore dressing. Our clay is made by mixing these raw materials. This original clay lays the foundation for our pots, with a performance capable of enduring temperature changes of up to 650C.

Also, our glaze is made through our original formulation in our factory, in which we use no lead or cadmium, and boasts not only a beautiful finish but also high performance in preventing stains and odors, and easier maintenance.

Based on these original clays and glazes, properties such as high heat-resistance, heat storage and durability are developed, and these raw materials are transformed into GINPO’s ceramic pots, allowing its customers to cook and enjoy highly satisfying meals.

Technology Technology

The power of a roller machine and a pressure casting method are mainly used in the forming process. Through our cultivated forming technique, we consistently manufacture highly accurate, stable products. We have also designed the shapes of our products to ensure that the pot is not chipped by coming into contact with other objects.

The glazing and painting on the pot are conducted both by machines and manually, through various methods suited to the respective models. Above all, the painting for the Hanamishima and the Kyomishima, whose designs are said to symbolize GINPO’s “Donabe”casserole pots, requires a delicate touch. GINPO’s products are finished by the skillful handwork of its craftsmen.

The firing, the final manufacturing process for our products, is performed in a brick tunnel kiln approximately 60 m long. While a sagger on a cart is put into the kiln from one end and is slowly maneuvered through the tunnel to the exit at the opposite end, the products undergo continuous firing, during which pre-heating, firing and cooling are applied. A computer manages the firing process in order to finely adjust the temperature, so that each product is fired at the appropriate temperature over 24 hours.

Message from President Message from President

We engage in the manufacture of our products daily, while wishing to be involved in the “diets and lifestyles” of our customers, and to be able to make these people feel both physically and mentally richer through our involvement. To this end, high-quality and user-friendly designs are indispensable.

Our approach toward product quality has been handed down from the founder. We maintain the performance and durability of our products at a higher level through integrated production management, through an in-house process from the selection of raw materials to the mixing of clay and of glaze, forming, glazing, firing and inspection. Constantly conducting research, we will improve the process every time better raw materials, and better mixing styles and/or manufacturing methods are found.

The president himself is involved in product design. Keeping with the concept of ceramic pots and tableware that complement the food”, we come up with ideas for our products while visualizing scenes of foods arranged in and on our products, in which our pots and bowls do not spoil the appearance of the foods but impart long-lasting attraction. Also important for daily use is user-friendliness.

Adding the essence of the times to its heat-resistant ceramics, which is its strong specialty, Ginpo Japan will continue to engage in the manufacture of products designed to make your diet richer and more colorful. We would be delighted if our customers could enjoy wonderful times with GINPO’s products.

President Tetsuya Kumamoto

Features Features

  • With excellent heat storage property, our pots are good for residual-heat cooking

    Comparing our earthenware pots with enameled cast iron cooking pots and aluminum-alloy pots, our “Donabe”casserole pots, are most distinguished by their excellent heat storage property. Since the temperature in our pots is hard to change, they have a high level of insulation to prevent foods inside from quickly cooling and are suitable for residual-heat cooking.

  • Bring out the taste through gentle heating

    Since its gentle heat conduction causes the temperature inside a“Donabe”casserole pot to rise slowly compared to the case of a metal pot, a “Donabe” can slowly draw out the tastes of foods. Furthermore, through its gentle heating, a “Donabe” allows food to be boiled with less disintegration of ingredients, and less cloudy soup to be made.

  • With the effect of far-infrared rays, the“Donabe”casserole pot can prevent the tastes of ingredients from being lost.

    Since “Donabe”casserole pots are ceramics, they radiate far-infrared rays. With a far-infrared ray radiation dose rate of more than 80%, “Donabe” allow more uniform heating of ingredients with their efficient heat conduction using far-infrared rays, especially when cooking boiled and steamed dishes.

  • Can be used in a microwave oven.

    Since microwaves can travel through ceramics, the material of “Donabe”casserole pots, unlike metal, foods in a “Donabe” can be heated in a microwave oven.

  • Can be used as tableware

    With their strong impression as cooking tools, metal pots are not suited to be used as tableware. However, “Donabe”casserole pots, which are ceramics, have an elegant appearance close to that of other tableware, and can be used as tableware after cooking foods in them without a feeling of discomfort.

Merits of GINPO’s earthenware pots

  • Heat resisting strength

    GINPO has developed and uses “Donabe”casserole pots that are not affected even by drastic changes of temperature of up to 650C (this applies to the bodies of pots). We have received no complaints of our pots cracking during cooking since the company’s founding until today.

  • Durability

    Generally, “Donabe”casserole pots are prone to cracking, but GINPO’s pots are sufficiently robust to have endured vigorous use in restaurants for 20 years. This is GINPO’s proud quality, allowing our products to be incorporated into our customers’ lifestyles, and to be used regularly for a long time.

  • No lead or cadmium used

    An enriched life is brought about by a healthy body. GINPO uses no lead or cadmium among its raw materials which may adversely affect the human body.