Originally, GINPO did not only make “Donabe”casserole pots. The “Hanamishima” line which was completed after many years of research and did not sell well in the beginning. In those days a lot of labor went into the grounding of the raw materials in a mortar and often the workers were not even spared the time to eat.

Our founder Sutematsu Kumamoto, who was a wholesaler of ceramics, opened a kiln with the aim of performing high-quality manufacturing. He created an original clay by selecting raw materials that satisfied his high standards and developed his own original glaze. This was the starting point of the philosophy of GINPO, a company that has continued to focus on product quality. The items manufactured have varied beyond just “Donabe”casserole pots, ranging from tableware to cosmetics bottles.

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The founder Sutematsu Kumamoto was a wholesaler of ceramics but had not come across any high-quality ceramics.
As a goal to produce “high-quality manufactured goods”
he founded Banko Shinko Yogyosho Limited, and began to mainly manufacture tableware,
“Donabe”casserole pots and flower vases.

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Established by the founder of “Kannyu,” a mass production technology intended to
create fine cracks in glaze, is used by ceramic artists and
other ceramic-related professionals, the company announced its new collection “Sumikannyu.”

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To make its factory more efficient,
the company introduced a firing tunnel kiln made of brick that is 60 meters long.

Against the backdrop of the dissemination of “Donabe”casserole pots that do not crack when heated due to the use of heat-resistant raw materials, the Sumikannyu series gained popularity. Meanwhile, Tetsuzo Kumamoto, the second president, developed the Hanamishima line with the Mishima Technique at a time when white “Donabe” with paintings were common. This series become so popular that the supply could not meet the demand and came to be dubbed “the standard for “Donabe”casserole pots.”

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Wishing to convey its permanence like perpetual snow remaining on a mountain top, the company changed its name to Ginpo Co., Ltd. which literally means “silver peak.” (GINPO 銀峯)

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With the introduction of the Mishima Technique, which was conventionally only used for high-class items such as tea bowls, the Hanamishima series, which later became so popular as to be dubbed “the standard for “Donabe”casserole pots,” was developed from the second president’s idea of delivering such original “Donabe” pots to general households.

The third president Tetsuya Kumamoto, who took over the Hanamishima series, established a production line with a well-balanced arrangement of machinery and workers. The company established a system which specified the craftsmen’s techniques, rather than relying on the intuition of experienced craftsmen, and acquired an ISO 9001 certification. While protecting its long-selling products and listening to the voices of its customers, the company developed original “Donabe”casserole pots as new cooking utensils that matched the flow of the times.


The company became the first “Donabe”casserole pot manufacturer to obtain an ISO 9001 certification (international standard for quality management systems).

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IH-enabled earthenware pot
Acquired a patent for the “Plate System” used for this type of model.

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Announced the launch of the “BLISSIO,” line the world’s first waterless cooking ceramic pot series manufactured using with a polishing process.

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Under the concept of “A comfortable room for people to enjoy meeting each other while dining on dishes prepared with Ginpo tableware ,” opened a gallery & shop called the “GINPO CLUB.”

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Announced the launch of the “亶 – SEN,” the company’s first collaborative product with a chef.

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