Minimal design to convey the founder’s original achievement

GINPO’s oldest “Donabe”casserole pots are found in this Sumikannyu series. This model, which was release in 1943, was designed based on the founder’s innovation, and is still loved by legions of fans.

Success in mass production based on a decorative technique called “Kannyu,” involving making intentional fine cracks on the surface layer of the glaze, which had only been used in ceramic works, was one of the founder’s great achievements.

To make use of its decorative style, this model has recently been popular as a vessel for cold salad, soup and desert. The excellent characteristics of the soil within the pots, helps to maintain the temperature, and allows a myriad of ways of using this model.

すっきりとした貫入デザイン Minimal design with Kannyu crazing 簡潔的貫入設計

透明なフタに細かなひび割れ模様が入ったデザインは貫入と呼ばれる技法です。白黒のコントラストが美しく、黒い部分は本物の墨で色付けしています。 The lid has patterns of fine cracks on the surface produced by a technique called “Kannyu.” The contrast of the black and white patterns is beautiful. The black portions are colored with sumi Japanese ink. 透明的鍋蓋上帶有細細裂紋圖案的設計是一種稱為貫入(釉裂)的技巧。黑色與白色相映成趣,黑色部分是用真墨上色的。

浅型フォルムで美しい見栄え The shallow-type pot makes food look good 美麗的淺盆型外觀

胴体は間口が広く、お料理が見やすいカタチになっています。鍋料理の際には具材が鍋底に沈むことなく、全体がきれいに見えます。 The Sumikannyu pot is wide and shallow, making the food inside easily visible. This form prevents ingredients from sinking deep in the pot while cooking and helps make everything look good. 鍋子口徑廣闊,便於看見鍋內的菜餚。煮火鍋料理時,食材不會沉到鍋底,整體看起來很漂亮。

冷たいお料理との相性も They also go well with cold meals 也適合用於冷菜料理

白を基調としたデザインのため、冷たいお料理を添えてもマッチします。保冷性も優れているため、冷蔵庫から出してそのまま食卓へ出すこともおすすめです。 The simple white color goes perfectly with cold meals, too. Since the pot is good at retaining coldness, you can take out the meal in the pot from the refrigerator and carry it straight onto the dining table. 以白色為基調的設計,搭配冷菜料理也很合適。還具有出色的保冷性,因此也建議將其從冰箱取出並直接放在餐桌上。