A handy “Donabe” pot that can cook rice in 30 minutes, requiring no controlling of the flame.

With the Kikka for cooking rice pot, anyone can cook delicious rice in just 30 minutes. Since water level scales are inscribed inside the pot, this pot can save you the trouble of measuring water with a measuring cup.

With no worry of the pot boiling over due to its two-layer lid structure, and with its simple step of “stopping the heat when steam becomes visible,” anyone can easily enjoy freshly cooked delicious rice.

With its daily-use design for all generations, and its size that fits in a household microwave oven, the pot can be reheated and set as it is on the table.

沸騰したら、火を止めるだけ Just stop the heat when it boils 煮沸後關火即可

沸騰してフタの穴から蒸気が見えたら、火を止めるという簡単なステップで誰でも失敗なく土鍋ごはんが楽しめます。ガスコンロの自動タイマーをセットすれば、ワンタッチで炊飯も可能です。 By following the simple step of “stopping the heat when you see steam from the hole of the lid,” anyone can easily enjoy delicious donabe-cooked rice. Using the automatic timer of your cooking stove, you may cook the rice with a single touch. 煮沸後當您看到從鍋蓋洞孔冒出的蒸汽時把火關掉,透過這簡單的步驟任何人都可毫無失敗地享用砂鍋飯。如果您設定好瓦斯爐的自動定時器,可以一鍵按下輕鬆煮飯。

2枚の蓋でごはんの美味しさを追求 Two-layer lid helps make the rice more delicious 以兩個鍋蓋追求米飯的美味

炊飯においてはより高温での蒸らしがごはんの甘みを生み出します。菊花 ごはん土鍋は外蓋に加え、内蓋を使用することで鍋内の温度を高温に保ち、美味しいごはんを作ることができます。同時に吹きこぼれを防止しており、キッチンを汚すことなく炊飯ができます。 In cooking rice, the process of steaming at a very high temperature is important to make the rice sweet and tasty. The Kikka for Cooking Rice donabe pot can keep the temperature inside the pot high by using its outer and inner lids to cook delicious rice. The two-layer lid structure also prevents the pot from boiling over, so you can cook rice while keeping your kitchen clean. 煮飯時,在較高的溫度下蒸會產生米飯的甜味。菊花 煮飯砂鍋除了外鍋蓋外,還使用內鍋蓋保持鍋內的高溫,因此可以做出美味的米飯。同時,兩個鍋蓋防止溢出,讓您可以在不弄髒廚房的情況下煮飯。

電子レンジで温め直しも The pot can be reheated in a microwave oven 也可用微波爐重新加熱

余ったごはんを冷蔵庫に鍋ごと入れておき、食事の際に電子レンジで温め直すことができます。ご使用の際は鍋の胴体と内蓋のみかぶせるカタチでお使いください。 You can put the pot with the leftover rice in the refrigerator and reheat it in a microwave when you eat it next time. For reheating, put only the inner lid on the pot. 您可以把剩飯用原本盛裝的砂鍋直接放進冰箱,吃的時候用微波爐重新加熱即可。使用時,請以僅覆蓋內蓋的砂鍋狀態使用。