A next-generation “Donabe”casserole pot model that gorgeously graces the dining table

The Kikka is a next-generation“Donabe”casserole pot that matches modern people’s lifestyles. As it does not require a surface coating before use, which takes considerable time and labor, this product can be used immediately after purchase.

Retaining its heat storage property, one of the merits of “Donabe”casserole pots, the Kikka was successfully made 15% lighter than the conventional Hanamishima model. Thanks to the easier handling of this pot, you can enjoy freshly cooked hot meals on the table.

Its original glaze is designed to prevent problems such as odors and stains, as part of its black body. With this product, you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes, from hot-pots to soup curry and cheese fondue.

伝統を感じるモダンデザイン Modern design based on Japanese tradition 感受傳統的現代設計

フタは菊の花をモチーフに、色合いは艶を感じる日本の伝統色を取り入れています。和・洋・中、どんなジャンルのお料理でも美しく映えるデザインです。 With lids designed based on the chrysanthemum (kikka) motif in Japanese traditional hues, the Kikka “donabe” casserole pots will go perfectly with all types of dishes and make them look beautiful. 鍋蓋以菊花為主題,色調採用有光澤感的日本傳統色彩。此設計讓日式、西式、中式任何一種料理看起來都賞心悅目。

取り扱いがラクな軽量設計 Lighter, and easier to handle 易於使用的輕量設計

持ち運びや洗う際にストレスにならないよう軽量化を実現。土鍋ならではの保温性はそのままに、より取り扱いがしやすくなっています。 The Kikka pots were made lighter than conventional donabe pots so that they could be carried and washed without stress. Retaining the heat storage property unique to donabe pots in general, they are made easier to handle. 實現輕量化以免在搬動或清洗時造成身體負擔。在維持砂鍋保溫功能的同時更易於使用。

使用前の目止め処理が不要 Surface coating before use not necessary 不需使用前的填料處理

食器用洗剤などで軽く洗うだけで、すぐにお使い頂けるよう機能性の高いコーティングを使用しています。キムチ鍋やスープカレーなど出汁や味の濃いレシピでも匂い移りや汚れの心配がありません。 The Kikka pots are coated with a high-performance coating agent. So you just need to roughly wash them before use. No need to worry about odors or stains left even if they are used for cooking strong-flavored kimchi hot-pots, soup curry, and the like. 使用高性能塗層,因此只需用餐具清潔劑等輕輕洗滌後立即就可使用。即使是韓式泡菜鍋或湯咖哩等高湯或濃味食譜,也不必擔心氣味轉移或污漬。