A multi-functional ceramic pot in which ingredients can be cooked in anyway desired.

The multi-functional ceramic pot the COTTO was manufactured for a wide variety of cooking styles. With this pot, which can be used for all types of heating cookery including simmering, boiling, steaming, stir-frying, and roasting, you can expand your cooking repertoire.

By using the steamer (a plate for steaming), an accessory of the ceramic pots-style body called the “DONABE,” you can enjoy casually cooking steamed dishes, such as niku-man (steamed buns with meat filling), and shao mai (steamed meat dumplings).

Also, by using the body, called the “TOBAN,” as a frying pan, you can grill or stir-fry foods, and serve dishes in the pot on the table immediately after cooking.

土鍋由来の保温性 Taking advantage of the donabe’s heat storage property 來自砂鍋的保溫性

熱伝導と蓄熱性を両立するため、調理と食事にとって適切な厚みを追求。陶器の特性を存分に引き出したこの耐熱食器は簡単で美味しいアツアツな料理をテーブルへお届けします。 We discovered the best thickness for both cooking and eating, ensuring both heat conductivity and heat storage performance. The COTTO heat-resistant cookware, developed by taking advantage of the characteristics of ceramics, will bring simple, tasty, hot meals directly to your dining table. 追求烹調和用餐的適當厚度,以達到導熱和蓄熱的雙重目的。充分發揮陶器特性的此耐熱餐具,將簡單、美味、熱騰騰的菜餚送到餐桌上。

洗うものはひとつだけ You only have to wash one thing 要洗的只有一個

食べ終わったあとは食器と同じように洗剤で洗って干すだけ。洗い物はあなたが調理し、食べたその器のみです。この手軽さが、あなたをキッチンに気持ちよく向かわせてくれます。 When you finish eating, you can just wash the COTTO pot with detergent, just like a plate. You only have to wash the pot, which you used for both cooking and eating. This simplicity will make you feel comfortable in the kitchen. 吃完後,只需像餐具一樣用清潔劑洗乾淨後​​晾乾。唯一要洗的就是您烹調並用餐的這個器皿。這種簡便,會讓您在廚房裡感到舒適。