A limited revival model of the “Hanamishima” pot, a long-selling product that embodies the feelings and style of the Showa Era

The Classic MISHIMA is a limited revival model of the first-generation Hanamishima model from the “Showa forties” (1965 to 1974). With its fine chrysanthemum pattern and reddish-brown color, this product expresses the wabi-sabi (quiet simplicity and subdued refinement in Japanese aesthetic sense) of Japanese ceramics.

Although this model was considered heterodox with its color deemed too deep and its patterns deemed too many for one pot in the founder’s era, with the second president’s effort to soften the color shades and arrange large patterns in a line, a long-selling product down to the present day was established.

Precisely reproducing the style of the first-generation model, the Classic MISHIMA features functionality meeting the needs of modern lifestyles. The body has a shallow shape suitable for cooking hot pot dishes. This model also has a steaming plate as an accessory, allowing users to enjoy steamed dishes.

エレガントさを感じる繊細な模様 Elegant, fine patterns 具優雅感的精緻圖案

細かな菊の文様を配置し、淡いあずき色とのコントラストが独特の雰囲気を食卓に表現します。和陶器ならではの味わいをお楽しみ下さい。 Fine chrysanthemum patterns are aligned on a light reddish-brown color. This contrast will give a special atmosphere to your dining table. Enjoy the aesthetic sense of Japanese ceramics. 精緻的菊花圖樣配置,與淡紅黑色的對比在餐桌上顯現出獨特的氣氛。請享受日本陶器獨有的趣味。

2タイプの土鍋で食卓に統一感を Two types of donabe pots will help sophisticate your dining table 兩種砂鍋給餐桌帶來統一感

Classic MISHIMAは通常の土鍋とごはん土鍋の2種類があります。ごはん土鍋は沸騰したら火を止めるという簡単なステップで炊飯が可能です。。 The Classic MISHIMA has two types: the regular donabe casserole pot and the donabe pot for cooking rice. With the Classic MISHIMA for cooking rice, you can easily cook rice by following the simple step of just stopping the heat when it boils. Classic MISHIMA 有兩種類型,即普通砂鍋和煮飯砂鍋。煮飯砂鍋可以透過在煮沸時關火這一簡單步驟來煮飯。