Innovation that supports a modern lifestyle

This collection matches diverse modern diets and kitchen styles. Equipped with functions that allow them to play an active role in diverse scenes in our daily lives, the products express modern beauty through the use of Japan’s traditional colors cherished from ancient times.


Masterpieces handed down over the generations

This collection comprises products that have been manufactured since the company’s establishment by our forebearers. The oldest model was designed more than 60 years ago. The models in this collection are GINPO’s masterpieces, which have been loved by people through changing the ages.


Selected and limited production

This collection offers GINPO’s premium line products, which are manufactured in limited quantities. To provide a little luxurious time for all our customers’ lifestyles, we provide selective and creative touches—unique to our long-established store—in the models of this collection. Enjoy your meals and precious time with GINPO products.