Craftmanship Craftsmanship

The transformation of the products from their raw materials—including clay and ores—into “Donabe”casserole pots. The process to complete products in terms of the integration of expertise at each step requires the craftsmanship of many people. The craftsmen’s spirit and skill are imbued in each product and has been rooted in the company since its founding generations ago.

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History History

Originally started as a quest for higher quality ceramic goods, the history of GINPO Japan, a company that has been built over three generations, with the meticulous care and effort of its forebears, has an 87 year old storied past.

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This is a show room and shop adjacent to GINPO Japan. The GINPO CLUB proposes a lifestyle in which “Donabe”casserole pots play an active role on the daily dining table.

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Stay Fun ! Project

Easy and fun home cooking using “Donabe” pots.

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